The right data in the right place at the right time

CERTAIN is a web-based decision support tool displaying relevant clinical information incorporated with the knowledge about evidence-based best clinical practices, which are organized according to a systematic review of end user data needs and ergonomic workflow

The built-in database stores encrypted patient information in the cloud

The tool with the built-in database, where confidential patient data is stored encrypted, is deployed into the cloud. This infrastructure of the tool facilitates keeping the track of patient records confidential and as powerful as an electronic medical record (EMR) system.

A standalone application or an app built upon current EMR

CERTAIN might be used either as a standalone application for the evaluation of critically ill or as an application built upon a current EMR system both fed by the same database.

Stabilization and Optimization

Two modules, CERTAIN Elite (Evaluation of Life Threatening Emergencies) and CERTAIN Rounds, embedded in the tool would help the clinicians to track and evaluate the life threatening emergencies (ABCDEs) of critically ill along with the routine recommended care processes, which needs to be assessed daily for every patient in the ICU.


The key characteristic of CERTAIN are outlined below:

  1. Task specific, concept-oriented views of patient data- the right data, in the right place at the right time. CERTAIN will organize appropriate data determined by a systematic review of end user data needs, into appropriate task oriented information packages.
  2. Knowledge translation – real time evidence based checklists and smart alerts are incorporated.
  3. Collaborative workspace – real time plan of care with patient specific tasks, status checks and reminders which provide a location of communicate clearly the goals of care and their status to all members of the multidisciplinary team including the patient and family.
  4. Reports – scheduled and on demand unit/hospital level reports of quality metrics will be available for local and national reporting.
  5. User interface – providers will interact with the system through secure fixed and mobile computer interfaces. These are integrated into ICU workflow in a manner, which facilitates, rather than disrupts care delivery


Which platform is used to develop CERTAIN?

CERTAIN is a web based application hosting in a secured Platform as a Service(PaaS)  environment with on-demanding scalability up to 16 linux servers. Current version graphical user interface (GUI) is developed by using Adobe Actionscript 3 which could be viewed through any web browser including flash player either from regular computer (desktop/laptop) or from mobile devices (tablet pc). First of all we recommend you to install/update flash player to your device from the web site below if your device is compatible with flash player: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

How to use CERTAIN on iPAD?

Since current CERTAIN is developed in Flash, regular web browsers used in iPad (Safari) would not open CERTAIN. You will need to install a different web browser, which are compatible with web applications developed by flash. A few of them are listed below and you can always find similar apps in “AppStore”

-Puffin Web Browser

-Photon Flash Player


Next version of CERTAIN?

We planed to have a next major release for CERTAIN web application to modernize it with native HTML5 support and change the back-end architecture to make the whole application be more service orientated and can be easily integrated with different mobile system like IOS and Android.