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Know your CERTAIN team:

PI: Marija Vukoja, MD
Co-PI: Rahul kashyap, MD
Co-PI: Ognjen Gajic, MD, MS

Training and Implementation Lead: Yue Dong, MD
Content Lead: Reina Suzuki, MD
Information Technology Lead: Lei Fan


ats 2013

Hosting Dr. Adhikari at Mayo Clinic

Above: Ognjen Gajic (Left) with Neil Adhikari; Middle: Marija Vukoja (Lt most) presenting to Atul Malhotra (ATS president 2015 elect); Below: Lei Fan (Lt most), Yue Dong (second from Lt), Harsheen Kaur (fifth from Lt), Lisbeth Garcia (fourth from Rt), Rahul Kashyap (Rt most)


Implementation expert: Professor Linda Bucher